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NPAF Health Needs Navigation Program Highlights Nichole Davis’ Story at Patient Congress 2021!

Wayfinder Patient Advocates’ Founder and Chief Advocate Nichole Davis’ story about her experience as a patient, Board-Certified Patient Advocate, and healthcare professional was highlighted this month at the National Patient Advocate Foundation’s Annual Patient Congress focused on Health Needs Navigation.

Her experience advocating for the needs of patients to lawmakers and government officials as a volunteer in several nationals organizations taught her the importance of engaging lawmakers about your experience in healthcare, so they can work to change it for the better through policy and legislation. Check out her video here!

“The Health Needs Navigation campaign is about people helping people. It describes an array of services that help people navigate our complex healthcare system to address their most pressing financial, social or other essential needs Our ultimate goal is to embed financial and social needs navigation services in our hospitals and health systems, and we need your help to get there”. - National Patient Advocate Foundation (NPAF)

Learn more about the Health Needs Navigation Campaign at

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