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  • Can Wayfinder Patient Advocates provide me medical advice?
    Wayfinder Patient Advocates does not provide medical advice. We strive to provide you with as much information as you need to empower and prepare you to make the best decisions regarding your healthcare as possible. We do not diagnose, examine or administer treatment.
  • I don't live in Northeast Ohio. Can I still recieve services for myself or a family member?
    Yes! The majority of our services can be delievered on a remote platform. It is quite common for adult children or caregivers to manage care for a loved on from another city or state.
  • Are patient advocacy services covered by Medicare, Medicaid, or insurance?"
    Patient advocacy services are not covered by insurance; however, there may be a potiential for tax-deductable costs. It may be helpful consult with tax or legal professional regarding this. All services are privatley paid.
  • Is my private health information protected?
    Yes, your health information is protected and will only be accessible by member of your healthcare team, unless you advise otherwise.
  • What would the role of a certified patient advocate look like on my healthcare team?
    Certified patient advocates work together with you to help you identify your goals for treatment, communicate your needs to your provider, and ask the hard questions on your behalf.
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