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Wayfinder Subscription Plans

Select the plan that best mirrors your aspirations and preferred engagement style with your Wayfinder Advocate.

The $99 situation analysis fee will be waived for current clients!

  • Compass Plan

    Every month
    +$99 Mandatory situation analysis
    Ideal for light support and guidance needs.
    • Monthly Insights: Get general reports on progress & growth
    • 1-Hour Monthly Goal Refinement Session: Stay Aligned!
    • Standard Booking: Standard priority for booking extra time.
  • Navigator Plan

    Every 3 months
    +$99 Mandatory situation analysis
    Deep insights and personalized support tailored for strategic growth.
    • Savings Benefit: Quarterly billing saves $50 versus monthly
    • 1.5-Hr Bi-Monthly Sessions: Extended discussions & planning
    • Extended Insights: Delve deeper with bi-monthly reports
    • Priority Access: Preferred booking over Compass subscribers
  • Most Popular

    Voyager Plan

    Every year
    +$99 Mandatory situation analysis
    Ideal for comprehensive support through extending planning and evolving health needs
    • Max Savings: Annual billing saves $400 versus monthly.
    • 2-Hour Quarterly Check-ins: Maximize Engagement!
    • Premier Booking Access: Priority booking over other plans
    • Exclusive Voyager Events: Unique resources for plan members

Wayfinder Patient Advocates, LLC. does not provide medical care. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, proceed to your nearest emergency department or call 911.

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