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Find a Patient Advocate Who Can Provide Support For Your Chronic Illness

When it comes to support for your chronic illness, you may be overwhelmed by many different things. One of the things that you may find overwhelming is your doctor's advice and treatment plan. Often, doctors will try to talk to you about a treatment plan and care, giving you different options. But they may use terms that you may not be familiar with, or they may not be very clear about the pros and cons of the options, which can leave you confused about the ideal course of action for you. That is why it would be beneficial to find a patient advocate who can help you navigate your care and make the best decisions possible for your health. 

A patient advocate is a third-party individual who is familiar with healthcare but is not affiliated with your doctor's office. This person can discuss your care and treatment options with you and your doctor, helping you to understand the options that are available to treat your chronic illness and helping you verbalize your wants and desires to your treating physician. Essentially, a patient advocate is there to advocate for you and help you to better understand the confusing medical lingo that may be thrown your way, ensuring you fully understand what is going on and that you are comfortable moving forward with a specific treatment plan.

If you are looking for support for a chronic illness and often find yourself confused about the options a doctor is giving you or frustrated because you feel like the doctor is not listening to what you want, find a patient advocate who can assist you. And if you are trying to find a patient advocate, contact Wayfinder Patients Advocate LLC. Here at Wayfinder Patients Advocates LLC, our patient advocates will work hard to help you understand and feel understood by your treating doctors. This can take the frustration and uncertainty out of your treatment plan and course of treatment. Call or email us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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